Our streamlined process makes it easy to build your dream home

Confidently plan a home that suits you with our step-by-step process for a stress-free build. Our experts will walk you through each decision in the right order, and answer your questions as they come up – so you’ll always know exactly what to expect.


Step one


You’ve got ideas about what your perfect home will look like, but how do you pull them all together? Our expert building consultant will guide you through the process so you can relax and focus on your vision. They’ll take the time to understand your needs and lifestyle, so we can help you create a space you and your family will love coming home to. To get started, you’ll meet with our building consultant at a time and place that suits you. In this no-obligation consultation, they’ll ask you questions to find out what’s important to you and establish your budget and timeframe.


Step two


With a clear vision for your new home, we’ll create an initial design based on your needs and preferences. Our building consultant will meet with you to discuss this design, give you a preliminary budget and talk you through the next steps. Once you’re happy with our recommendations, we’ll complete soil tests to ensure we have all the necessary information about your section. We can then prepare construction drawings, show you a final design plan and give you a contract to sign. With the building plans sorted, you’ll meet with our dedicated colour consultant to help create a stylish look you’ll be proud of. They’ll guide you through everything from colour selection to choosing the right finishes, creating a coordinated look that suits your personality.


Step three


Your perfect home starts with solid foundations. We’ll do the groundwork for your new build, including underground plumbing, electrical cables and connections to stormwater systems. We’ll then create a concrete slab as a base. From there, we’ll erect the ‘bones’ of your home, including the beams, the internal and external walls and the roof trusses. With a frame in place, you’ll see your vision coming to life as we add the windows, fascias, roofing and gutters, as well as your front door. Now that the outside of your home is secure, we’ll complete the interior – including plastering, internal doors and skirting boards, as well as the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. To complete your dream home, we’ll add the finishing touches: painting, flooring, lighting and door finishes.


Step four


It’s time to officially take a walk through your completed home! The site supervisor and construction manager will guide you through each room and show you every stunning feature of your new build. Following your inspection, we’ll take care of any final touches that need to be made. Then, with your keys in hand, you’ll be ready to pour a celebratory drink and relax with your loved ones in your very own slice of paradise.

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